Sick of being told on how to do your event registration?

Frustrated that simple changes cannot be made?

Annoyed that your system looks like any other system?


Apex is a growing Online Registration System provider for Running & Cycling Events in South East Asia. Our approach is to provide a customised event management solution based on the clients requirements. Instead of telling our clients what our system can do, the client tell us what they expect  the system to do for them. Apex then tailors a bespoke system catering exactly to their needs. This approach allows us to setup individual and flexible systems in which third party modules can be integrated as well.

  • The collected data is solely owned by you. Neither Apex, nor any third party can use the collected data and spam your participants with their marketing campaigns.

  • You can apply for and integrate any common payment gateway (e.g. PayPal, iPay88, eGHL, Paysbuy, MidTrans, etc.) under your name. The collected fees will be transferred directly into your account. No additional cost for handling your money.

  • The customized registration system follows your event (website) design to distinguish your event from others. Using a consistent identity throughout all communications with your participants enhances the brand awareness of your event and your sponsors. See how your system can look here.

  • Use your own event and/or registration URL (eg:

  • Set your own email sender (eg from: to allow participants to reply easily to you and not a third party.

  • Verify NRIC, Email and Phone formats to enhance the integrity of your database.

  • Allow third party data to be uploaded (e.g. sponsor staff ID's, bank identification numbers, etc.) to auto-apply discounts and personalized registrations.

Here is a selection of requested functions by our clients:



Hot items create demand and attract black sheep. To avoid illegal trades for your event on black markets, the BIB Transfer Module allows participants to transfer BIBs legally on your event platform.

Interested participants can browse through the 'marketplace' and look for matches within the preferred category or competition. The Organisers will always have the latest data on hand and, e.g. in case of an emergency, are able to pull out the personal/medical details of the respective runner. The BIB Transfer Module can also be an additional source of income if transfers are made chargeable.



Organisers have to coordinate hundreds of volunteers for their events and manage different Days, Shifts and Roles. All this information can be loaded into the Volunteer Management System (VMS).

Interested volunteers can view all event data and submit their personal details using an online registration form. Upon submission a personal account will be created and the volunteer can indicate the preferred roles and shifts, as well as indicating to volunteer as a group leader. Other volunteers can become a member of existing groups and follow their volunteer leader. The system backend shows real-time data of the sign-ups for each role and shift and indicates when the limits have been reached.



The bigger your event, the more important the management of your Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC) is. To ensure the correct distribution of the race packs (Bib Numbers, Timing Chips, Shirt Selection, Add-on Giveaways, etc.) the REPC modules offers an easy-to-use interface.

Your participants can be identified by scanning their Confirmation Slip Barcode, by scanning their Identification Card and/or simply by keying in any of their particulars. Once the participant has been identified, his/her race relvant details (Bib Number, Shirt Size, Category, etc.) will be displayed. Before the Bib is handed out to the participant, the counter staff will need to validate that the correct items are being collected by scanning the Bib number.



Merchandise is all around us. Whether you want to sell your own event branded products, or offer your sponsors the opportunity to sell their products - the integrated Merchandise Module is a perfect platform to generate additional revenue and brand awareness.

You can list your products by category, set your stocks and sizes, as well as setting product specific rules (e.g. product A can only be purchased in a certain quantity and only by certain participant groups).

Via an API you can also allow third party systems to place their products in your event registration system. The backend reports are customisable and all data can be exported for further processing.



As part of the ALL-IN-ONE solution, the Timing Results & E-Certificate module is the last point of contact your participants have with your event and adds the last event experience to the overall event impression.

The result pages are customisable and will follow your event branding. No more uploading of endless PDF result lists. The participant can simply search for his/her result and download the respective E-Certificate.

The certificates can be linked to a third party photo service, e.g. RunPix, and a picture of the participant can be embedded.



Get your participants involved. The Runner Profile platform is an excellent way to engage with your runners. In addition, it can build the bridge between your event and selected charities. By setting up a profile, the runner can raise funds for their preferred charity and promote the charity cause, as well as the event.

Donations can be made directly to the charity and tax exemption receipts will automatically be sent to the donors.



Lead up and side events are almost as important as your main event itself. The Clinic & Workshop module allows you to setup such events easily.

You can set limits to your activities and restrict the participation to registered runners only or open it up for public. If required, the activities can be chargeable and the registration can be linked to any common payment gateway.

Attendee lists can be generated for each event and imported to an offline check-in system to track your actual numbers against the sign up rates.



The more participants at your event, the more inquiries you will receive from them asking for a change of their category.

To handle the additional workload the organiser can offer a Change Category Module that allows the participants to change their category themselves. The system keeps track of who has changed a category and what the previous selection was.

This function can be chargeable and generate an additional source of income.