Our innovative web applications allow our clients to outsource and automate many of the most time-consuming tasks for their events. We work closely with our clients to streamline and troubleshoot the registration, payment and accreditation processes to enhance your event performance environment. Our easy-to-use solutions are customisable and able to cater for any event requirement.

Race Pack Collection System


With our REPC Systems, the workload of your Race Entry Pack Collections team can be cut down drastically. It is customisable for any Running or Cycling Event and allows for import of all common database formats. If required, the REPC System can be connected directly to an Online Registration & Payment interface.

The associated “participants management module” allows your  team to find registered participants instantly by searching for any of their registered details, or simply by scanning their confirmation slips. All Race Pack handouts are tracked and the inbuilt verification interface ensures that the correct Race Pack is collected.

Onsite Accreditation


Manage large amounts of data that can be filtered, edited and exported through a variety of platforms into easy-to-analyse reports. By leveraging on IT infrastructure through web-enabled technologies, you will be able to manage your data anywhere, any time.

Our onsite solutions are usable with an almost unlimited number of computers and are compatible with all common printers and cameras. The simplicity of usage allows for the process and output thousands of accreditations with just a few mouse clicks.

Online Registration


The registration form is 100% customisable and can include any details you desire, such as “Date of Birth”, “Medical Information”, “Emergency Contact Number” or “Parent/Guardian Details”. Drop-down selectors and field validations ensure that the registration details are entered correctly and in the right format. The registration form is developed to the latest web standards and is responsive for mobile devices ensuring the widest availablilty and portabilty. It is designed according to the events and/or sponsors design guidelines. In addition the registration form is compatible with social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

Interactive Surveys


An Interactive Onsite Survey allows event organisers to display crucial event information and/or to collect additional participant details for market research purposes.

Our experienced team of web developers and designers will ensure a state-of-the-art communication platform that can be customised according to your event's branding.

The use of touch screens will enhance the performance of your event and gives it a great feeling of  professionalism and innovation.

Entrance Control System


Our accreditation system allows for the integration of QR or Barcode identification. Accreditation badges can be scanned at crucial event areas for security reasons. Based on the predefined priviliges on the backend, the tracking system will indicate whether the person is allowed to enter an area or not.

Alternatively you can simply track of the movements of your participants by having all participants scan their badges at all the relevant areas throughout the event.

Self-Check-in Kiosks


An invaluable option at high traffic events.  To avoid long queues and to reduce the necessary manpower, pre-registered participants can gain entry to your event at self-check-in counters.

The particiapnt scans a QR code on their confirmation slip, our system quickly identifies the respective participant and then, via the linked print module, can print their accreditation badges themselves. This feature can be use with any common laser, thermal or inkjet printer.



The eCert Module allows participants to download their certificates of attendance or their certificates of appreciation conveniently at home.

For high quality, physical certificates the print function also allows the respective certificates to be printed on-site at the event location at any time.

For sport events the eCert Module can be integrated to work with a race result system. Find out more here.

Goodie Bag Collection


The QR code scanning solution can also be used to avoid shortage of goodie bags or give-aways.

​By scanning and storing every participants who has already collected the respective item, the centralised database will show instantly if the participant is entitled to collect or not.

Event Reports


The participants’ data is stored in a centralised database. Different overviews enable the Organiser to access specific details and to sort, filter, edit and export them easily. The data can then be used to generate customised event reports, e.g. Registration, Payment and Collection reports.